Jonathan Fulk

Developer | Freelancer | Teacher

As a software engineer at, I get to do full stack development on an app which handles content creation, generation, publishing, and stat tracking for businesses that use SJ's services to keep their social media channels hopping (see: kangaroo theme...). I love being able to add new features, rethink ways the app works currently, and make something look awesome and fuction well. As a remote employee, I value the vibrant tech culture in the Nashville area as well as connecting with other local developers. Feel free to contact me if you have a problem I can help you solve or if you just want to grab coffee or a beer and chat about web development.

I've posted a few sample projects below that I did a while ago. As I have time to create new apps outside of my day job, I'll add them here as well.


Social Joey

Javascript Calculator

Pomodoro Clock

Quote Generator


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